Enter the Zuckverse

a generative NFT project

What is the Zuckverse?

Zuckverse is a NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain consisting of 4,444 zucks that suddenly phased themselves into existence when a sweaty computer nerd inadvertently opened an infinite loop whilst coding on his VAIO Netbook.

The zucks continue to propagate through a hitherto unknown plane now known simply as "the Zuckverse".

Each zuck will cost 0.035Ξ

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Every zuck collectible is unique and programmatically generated based on 35 base images plus accessories and other elements.
There are a total of 251 traits across 35 Heads, 35 Hairdos, 35 Eyes, 35 Noses, 35 Mouths, 41 Arms, 28 Accessories, 10 Background Objects, 5 Backgrounds...

...and a few surprises.
35 Heads
Somewhat ghastly looking heads by themselves, but don't worry — each one will be populated with all of its parts. Some of the heads are straight-on and some are more of a three-quarter view.
35 Hairdos
Stylish modern haircuts for your stylish modern zuck. Unleash the curls or keep it cropped close when you mean business.

Oh look—there's an ear on that one.
35 Eyes
Jeepers creepers, that's a lot of peepers. Wide-eyed with innocence, narrowed in suspicion, crinkled at the corners in mirth. Eyes are the windows into your zuck's soul (if it's there).
35 Noses
There are plenty of noses to go around the Zuckverse, so rest assured your zuck will have one.
35 Mouths
The mouth selection in the Zuckverse is off the chain. Lips pursed, holding back pent-up frustration. Mouth open wide ready to hoot and holler. Corners stretched wide in a knowing smirk. And of course, a full cheeky grin.
More coming soon...
More traits will be revealed as the launch date approaches! So make sure you're following us for updates.

If we revealed any more secrets just yet, we'd have to delete you.

01. Launch

We will have a two-phase launch: first, a private pre-sale for early adopters and engaged community builders, and second the public sale. Dates for both phases will be announced on Discord once they are available.

02. Get listed

Create paid listings for Zuckverse at Rarity Tools and Rarity Sniper. Get verified on OpenSea.

03. ∞Ξ loop

Runaway recursion (and a little bit of sweat) is what spontaneously generated the Zuckverse—according to legend—so it's fitting to create an ETH loop feeding back into the community. 10% goes into the community wallet for dividends, giveaways, and other rewards.

04. Sold out bonus

Once the collection has sold out, each zuck will invent a social network (i.e. holders will receive a unique social network-themed NFT per zuck that they own).

contract dev + image editing

Handles the tech side of things, blockchain matters, generative algorithms, and contributes to the trait bank artistically.

founder + graphics + promotion

First to peer into the Zuckverse, image editor, graphic/web design and communications.